Can Google keyboard (Gboard) be an evolution for search marketing?

Can Google keyboard (Gboard) be an evolution for search marketing?

The Google application “Gboard” makes it now possible for consumers to use the Google search network directly in their messages. This means that we could have a new way of using the search engine, by communicate and share the information with others. While the app is not released in all countries, it can be wise to start creating strategies for the platform. I have tested the app for a while and I’ve now experienced how the application works. As a paid media specialist I can see the usefulness from a marketing perspective. So why is the application important for marketing?

 What is Gboard?

For anyone who has not had the opportunity to try Gboard, it is a new keyboard for iOS. The application works like any keyboard when typing, but also integrates Google tools to your IPhone. Have you ever been told “just Google it”? By adding the new app you can use Google search, Images and GIF directly in your messages. You can now find restaurant info, flight times, and news articles right from the keyboard.

» Anything you’d search on Google, you can search with Gboard.“

Gboard is available on all keyboards, which allows you to use the features not only in messages, but also in Snapchat , Instagram or Notepad!


Search engine optimization

It is particularly interesting when it comes to local search. We know that there already is a significant increase in local searches year on year, but this will improve its importance even more. Let’s say you want to eat with a friend nearby. You will then use the keyboard to find the nearest restaurant. Google will then give you several alternatives with directions, the ability to call, previous ratings and opening hours. You can also make generic searches, by searching for products and find stores nearby. For search engine optimization it means that the importance of a local search strategy increases. For example by not signing up for Google My Business, you can lose the battle for customers locally.

Search engine Land also discovered that the Gboard search results might differ from regular mobile search listings. It seems that news and direct answers is ranking even higher on Gboard. Rajan Patel a principal engineer at Google says

“It’s really early, so we’re kind of experimenting with what the ranking is for the right use case,”

Patel ‘s statement may indicate that Google is currently working with a dedicated algorithm for Gboard. This is interesting for SEO, where it is possible that they have to create an own strategy for this channel.

Paid advertising

In regular mobile search, the results begin with an ad, but the Gboard don’t at this stage. A Google Spokesperson tells that, “We have no current plans around ads in Gboard.”

Currently could mean that we may see paid results after a while? The reach of Google advertising will therefore be available outside Googles own network. Therefore by integrating the service you can target your audience across all channels. The paid results will then be part of the listing suggestions, for example restaurants near you, or other advertisements that are shareable. You can connect with users in a unique situation, where you can create ads that are tailored for sharing, calls and drive more traffic to you physical stores.


If you are logged into Google, they build up a long-term history of things you searched for, which helps them collect data and customize results. Gboard has no such memory. Today Gboard traffic is not recorded, even if you’re logged into Google. This means Gboard don’t collect any personal information or personalize your results in any way. By using the application you will be treated anonymously. Gboard use only your search data to tailor your searches in the short term. A new way to connect still raises the question about Google storing information in the future from your daily messaging activity. By connecting your Google profile to the messages, your behavior pattern can be tracked from cross channels and devices.

Regardless of this, Google made ​​a very user-friendly application with many new features that are going to make the users very exited. If you are interested in learning more about Gboard, you can read more about it at googleblog.

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